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Launching Internal & Non-Exported Deeplinks On Facebook

It was possible to override the main UI of Facebook for Android (FB4a) by launching the activity FbMainTabActivity including some additional extras which result in a new music bar being attached across the bottom of the screen.

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ShazLocate! Abusing CVE-2019-8791 & CVE-2019-8792

I found a vulnerability in the popular Shazam application that allowed an attacker to steal the precise location of a user simply by clicking a link! This was probably one of my most underrated vulnerabilities yet..

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Downloading any file via Facebook for Android - $750 bounty

The Facebook android app utilises deeplinks throughout the whole application. I stumbled upon a deeplink which opens any given video url in your default media app, expected...

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Making the Facebook app more secure - $8500 bounty

Whilst working on the Facebook Bug Bounty Program in June 2018 we had identified an issue with the webview component used in the Facebook for Android application. The vulnerability would allow an attacker to execute...

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